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Case study 1 - Class 800 (IEP) Hitachi Train - Door Maintenance Training Rig.

A Door Maintenance Training Rig was designed, manufactured and commissioned for Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd for the North Pole TMC, London.

The design remit was for the production of a Door Rig from 3D CAD files and 2D drawings based on a legacy Rig in Japan, that would accommodate the new 800 Class train door leaf, panels, mechanisms and ancillary equipment.

Using our 3D CAD software we were able to convert the legacy 'step' and 'iges' 3D files into editable 3D CAD models. We also produced 3D CAD models and 2D .dwg drawings from 2D .pdf drawings from suppliers such as TDS. Once we had assembled the full door rig as a CAD model we then proceeded to modify the frame and panels to accommodate the new equipment. We then issued a 3D CAD file of the rig assembly with associated 2D production drawings. The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget, and commissioned at the London depot. A second door rig was later produced for another depot based on this new design.



Case study 2 - Overhead High Pressure Water Spray Equipment for removing sludge from articulated & tipper lorry trailers for Anglian Water.

In collaboration with Archway TCS Ltd high pressure water spray equipment and supporting steel work was designed, manufactured and commissioned for Anglian Water. We used 3D CAD modelling software and 2D AutoCAD architectural drawings, combined with engineering calcs and design data from articulated & tipper lorry trailer manufacturers, to arrive at a suitable design. 2D detail drawings of parts were exported from the 3D model for manufacture, and 'snapshot views' of 3D warehouse building to aid steel work to building assembly. External 'drive through' spray wash and kiosk of ancillary equipment were also designed and installed. All equipment was successfully installed and commissioned at the Great Billing site.


Overhead High Pressure Water Spray Equipment - CAD drawing        Overhead High Pressure Water Spray Equipment - actual product

Case study 3 - Servo Assisted Towing Post for hydraulic model testing at

Cranfield University.

In collaboration with Those Engineers Ltd a towing post for testing models in a wave testing tank was designed, manufactured and commissioned for Cranfield University. We worked on the mechanical design using 2D & 3D CAD. The Tow Post consisted of a servo assisted carriage responding to changes in vertical force. Inertia was reduced by a counter balance to the sliding carriage, although a small but negligible moment was incurred. A sensor served to achieve sensitive control to produce 'zero mass' of the carriage relative to the model. Electronic gyros fastened to the model measured angular motion of the model, namely Pitch (nodding), Yaw (turning) Roll (side to side) and linear motion Sway (x), Surge (y) and Heave (z). The drag force was also measured using a strain gauge mounted on the top of the carriage which is pivoted in the middle. The project was successfully delivered and commissioned.


Servo Assisted Towing Post for hydraulic model testing - CAD drawing        Servo Assisted Towing Post for hydraulic model testing - actual product

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